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Win Bigger Deals with AgroPreneurs, Profit Sharing & Next-Gen AI based Trade Intelligence System!

Win Bigger Deals with our extensive network of AgroPreneurs!

AgroPreneurs are a new breed of Agricultural Entrepreneurs, these enterprising women, deeply rooted in their communities, are bridging the gap between farmers and the market, ensuring end to end transparency throughout the entire agri supply chain.

AgroPreneurs aggregate farmers, get past & current harvest data feed into our trade intelligence system; so you can proceed to a deal with greater confidence and end to end transparency!

End-to-end transparency on sourcing and delivery is your secret weapon for structuring skyrocketing profitability. End-to-end transparency isn’t just about seeing numbers; it’s about unlocking hidden profit potential. It’s the key to crafting deals that you’ll never loose.

Imagine a deal worth $100,000. A 3% commission would bring in $3,000. But with 30% profit sharing model, your earnings are directly tied to the success of the deal. If the deal flourishes, generating a $50,000 profit, your share explodes to $15,000, a whopping five times more than the commission!

How much can profit sharing add?

Trade Intelligence System is the AI Driven backbone of the Grains Global Marketplace for Agricultural Trade. It captures past harvest data to provide a sneak peak into the future for everyone in the supply chain. It also manages price volatility , optimum distribution of order value and brings in blended rate for the buyer!

We have Bigger Deals for you!

Supporting women entrepreneurs isn’t just about the right thing to do, it’s about unlocking immense potential for economies and societies around the world. When women thrive, communities prosper. That’s why we are promoting you with bigger deals and it goes beyond mere fairness; it’s a strategic investment in a brighter future for all.

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With our vast AgroPreneurs network you get the benefits of diversified sourcing spanning across multiple geographies at best rates, always.

When you book your crops in advance, you lock in a price that is agreed upon before the harvest. This can help to protect you from price fluctuations.

Whether you’re client is seeking a specific crop or have a massive bulk procurement plan in mind, we can create a customized AgroPreneur network designed to meet your unique needs.