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Supporting women entrepreneurs isn’t just about the right thing to do, it’s about unlocking immense potential for economies and societies around the world. When women thrive, communities prosper. That’s why we are promoting Women AgroPreneurs and it goes beyond mere fairness; it’s a strategic investment in a brighter future for all.

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To empower every farmer, from seed to global sale, through a marketplace of value, innovation, and prosperity, creating a thriving agricultural ecosystem that nourishes the world with abundance.


We are on a mission to create a Million Women AgroPreneurs to increase transparency and fairness in the global agricultural supply chain.

About us

Born in the heart of Gujarat, India; Agropreneurs Market Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a Technology Company building a global agricultural marketplace.

Low prices, broken systems – the farmer’s harvest choked by an unfair chain. We’re building a new path, paved with technology and trust, where every seed sows prosperity. Imagine a world where farmers connect directly with buyers across the globe, their harvests reaching tables far and wide. That’s the world we’re building. We are fixing the broken agri-chain with AI and women power to revolutionize agricultural trade with a digital marketplace named as Grains Global ↗

Grains Global is a tech-powered marketplace building transparency and fairness in the agricultural supply chain. By connecting farmers directly to buyers, we empower women AgroPreneurs to eliminate inefficiencies, ensuring everyone wins. 

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